Identity Verification
Automating Employee Photo ID Verification
Photo ID verification solutions can aid in hiring new employees and remote workers, confirming an employee's identity.
October 30, 2023
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Automating Employee Photo ID Verification

It is incredible to consider how the Coronavirus pandemic shifted the world of digital transactions and accelerated the digitalization of ordinary procedures. For example, employee ID verification in digital onboarding processes is an example.

Previously, photo ID Verification took place in person at a physical site. The company manager would review all the paperwork, ask questions, or study records, and assess whether the identified person was committing identity fraud. Fortunately, technology has arrived on the scene, allowing users and employees to verify their digital identities on a large scale, quickly, and from their mobile devices. These digital verification techniques enable financial services, marketplaces, e-commerce, and other transactions to meet the required online compliance, security, and trust criteria by simply snapping images and recording the session.

Although technology allows for automated identification verification for digital services, many businesses have yet to make the changeover. In addition, since many firms are already paying staff to complete the activity, they may not have paid attention to the expense of manual verification.

Challenges of Working Remotely

When working in an office, you can see who's in the room with you and with whom you're discussing business information. As a result, you are always aware of everything around you, even your conversations.

However, this is not the case when working remotely, as teams are around the globe, and you have no idea to whom you have just granted access to sensitive files. As a result, you're now more vulnerable to cyber-threats. Furthermore, you can't be sure of anything because the other person isn't sitting next to you.

A Digital Photo ID Verification Service is Required

Does this suggest that the solution is to build an automated verification system, even though manual verification is terrible for digital processes?

It would be necessary to locate, validate, integrate, and manage different data sources for that to happen. It would necessitate the development of technology capable of swiftly validating various data fields against multiple data sources, frequently including divergent data. It would also require stringent security and privacy standards to safeguard the sensitive Personally Identifiable Information it handles.

Suppose you are going to prove whether or not a document is authentic. In that case, our ID verification system will examine it and compare the machine-readable algorithm to facts such as the date of birth, expiry date, or other data. We will alert you promptly if a document is fake, preventing you from hiring someone under pretenses.


Digital ID verification with no complex integration

You can access BlueCheck's digital ID verification solution within minutes without expensive hardware or complex integration. That's all it takes to provide identification certainty in your work-from-home operations and give your company more confidence in these uncertain times. Of course, the image on the document and the person's face must match through facial verification and pattern recognition.

Photo ID verification solutions can aid in hiring new employees and remote workers, confirming an employee's identity using driving licenses and other photo IDs.

Remain compliant while scaling

To safeguard your data and that of your customers and workers, BlueCheck employs the most advanced security techniques. In addition, we act as a data processor for our partners in each area, ensuring local incorporation and compliance.

Reduce errors in human control methods

Employee ID verification has traditionally relied on human control techniques such as comparing an image on a government-issued ID with the person wanting to open an account or obtain services and determining if the identity document is authentic or not. However, the tools, training, skill sets, and experience needed to identify counterfeit, doctored, or stolen records may be lacking among front-line personnel. Therefore, using BlueCheck's dependable digital ID verification system might lessen the danger of human error when identifying and validating an individual's identification.

Enhance employee satisfaction while saving money

Employees can benefit from independent and cutting-edge digital ID verification systems while onboarding. This way, employee verification is accurate and straightforward. Combined with possible efficiency advantages for regulated firms, it can significantly reduce onboarding costs.


Why is it necessary to do identity checks?

Employers must be confident that candidates are whom they say they are when onboarding new employees to reduce the risk of fraud or other wrongdoing that could jeopardize the company. Employers must be able to trust their employees, and a dependable workforce is one of a company's most significant assets.

Why has the importance of identification verification increased?

With the rise in remote working resulting from the coronavirus and the global labor market recruitment, identity verification has become even more critical. Although face-to-face interaction before hiring is uncommon in both circumstances, these checks help to reduce the danger of hiring someone who is impersonating someone else or attempting to falsify their identity.

How long does a background check take?

You can order identity checks for your employees in seconds, either as a single check or as part of a bundle from BlueCheck, the world leader in digital photo ID verification for employees. Our simple platform will keep you updated on where you are in the verification process, and the findings will be available in less than two days.

Wrapping Up

Digital transformations must reduce risk, eliminate fraud, and provide an easy-to-use employee experience. Managing identification at the business level is expensive and time-consuming, but with BlueCheck, we handle all the hard work so you can focus on what matters most.

BlueCheck: The One-Stop Solution For Photo ID Verification for Employees

Since 2014, BlueCheck has assisted hundreds of organizations in verifying the identities of tens of millions of individuals by developing custom verification compliance routines focusing on user identity.

The photo ID verification service from BlueCheck checks a candidate's identity by examining the identification document given by a potential employee.

You'll get a trustworthy, legally compliant employee identification check, whether you need an identity check or use ID verification as the foundation for our other services. So contact us today to request an employee ID verification.