Team BlueCheck Leadership

Founded in NYC, moved to Austin TX, and now fully remote!  It’s been a roller-coaster of an journey including the lows of COVID-19, but we’ve managed to adapt our company policies and processes to support independent work anywhere in the world.  While we have cut back on full-time employees, we’ve dramatically expanded our contractor base to accomodate our global workforce.

Alex Zeig
President and CEO

Alex is a 2x founder, college dropout, and has been professionally involved in digital identity since 2013.  He also enjoys sci-fi, fantasy, and bird hunting.  

Alex is currently a board member on the Age Verification Providers Association, reprenting North America.

Mike Affuso
Vice President, Operations

Mike is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys backpacking and kayaking. He also enjoys reading non-fiction, specifically History and Philosophy.

Ron Northrip
Vice President, Engineering

Ron is a veteran technologist and serial entrepreneur, with both a science and business background. He's also a foodie, loves wine, and makes a killer pizza!

During his spare time, Ron organizes the @kyjsug & @kyphpug dev meetups in Lexington, KY.

Core Focal Points @
BlueCheck Identity.

While there are many facets to building and improving access to high-quality identity verification products, below are four (4) guiding principles that we at BlueCheck try to orient ourselves around.  We’re not perfect but these principles guide our product and development teams and drive better, fairer access to identity.

IDV shouldn’t stop customer conversions.

Simply put, digital identity verification cannot be more difficult than “in-person” identity verification.  If it takes longer than a bartender to check your ID, it’s no good.

Re-use customer data whenever possible.

Consolidation of identity attributes is key to digital identity success.  Much like the real-world, we only need a core handful of identity documents to prove who we are.

Automation doesn’t solve all problems.

Sometimes human input is needed when reviewing identity verification processes.  Automation has expedited manual processing times but nothing is perfect.

Empathy is core to any IDV process.

Some users need more assistance than others to complete a fully digital verification process.  That’s 100% ok and it’s our job to support them as we would any other.

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