About Us

Bluecheck is a comprehensive suite of identity verification, online fraud detection, and continuous Anti-Money Laundering (AML) monitoring platform that leading companies trust on four continents. We empower companies to accelerate customer onboarding while meeting KYC and AML requirements, protect against fraud, and ensure real-time identity verification with a single solution.

Our sister brand, Bluecheck.ai, designs solutions in financial services, eCommerce, and digital forward businesses that help them make better decisions. Our world-class AI solutions empower them to leverage their data to operate more efficiently and generate value from their existing resources.

Board of Directors

Alex Pepe
Chairman of the Board
Alex Zeig
Chief Executive Officer
Marc A. Pickren
Executive Board Member

Leadership Team

Alex Zeig
Chief Executive Officer
Marc A. Pickren
Chief Operating Officer
Mike Affuso
Co-founder, Chief of Staff
Ron Northrip
Vice President, Engineering
Rashad Mirza
Senior Software Engineer
Sarah Brown
Account Services


BlueCheck Founding Pillars

Identity verification is essential for organizations to keep their customers and assets safe. It helps to ensure that the people interacting with an organization are who they say they are, protecting against fraud and identity theft. It also helps to ensure that only authorized personnel can access sensitive information, and that critical business processes are conducted in accordance with compliance regulations. By verifying identities in real time, organizations can protect their customers and their businesses from the risks associated with identity fraud.

Good actors should have a great experience.

Simply put, digital identity verification cannot be more complex than “in-person” identity verification. If it takes longer than a bartender to check your ID, it’s no good.

Automated Document and Photo ID Checks.

If you need to manually check a photo ID document, BlueCheck IDV Flows can intelligently collect the images and verify them in real-time to minimize customer waiting.

Effectively use quantitative analysis and leverage qualitative when necessary.

Sometimes human input is needed when reviewing identity verification processes. Automation has expedited manual processing times, but nothing is perfect.

Delightful user exerience is at the heart of everything we do.

Some users need more assistance than others to complete a fully digital verification process. That’s 100% ok and it’s our job to support them as we would any other.

Communicate with an Expert not a Salesperson

No phone call or meeting is required