Age and Identity Verification

Eliminate Risk.
Know Your Customer.
Protect Your Business.

BlueCheck safeguards hundreds of businesses by providing
flexible and customer friendly identity solutions.

Age & Identity Verification
Compliance for age-restricted products and services.

Instantly verify age and identity in seconds by accessing multiple databases and millions of records.

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AML & KYC Compliance
Satisfy regulatory requirements with automated workflows.

Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering solutions provide complete verification transparency with options to automate certain parts of the verification process. Tailored and customizable - we can make it work for your specific needs.

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E-Commerce Fraud Prevention
Gain greater control of disputes and protect your bottom line.

Many times, having a 3rd party verification service run in the background can prevent friendly fraud or mis-charges from happening. We work with you to set custom parameters and risk flags that deter e-commerce fraud and chargebacks.

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The Merchant Dashboard
Review pending verifications, customize order risk flags, compile audit reports. All of this is accessible from your Merchant Dashboard.

Merchant Dashboard
Merchant Dashboard
Merchant Dashboard

It's not what we do that sets BlueCheck apart.
It's how we do it.

Database Navigation

Access to cross platform verifications via
Database Navigation.

Ensure that user verification searches aren't using the wrong database. BlueCheck automatically navigates the correct databases to find you data that isn't available elsewhere.

ID Authentication

Automated workflows for
ID Authentication

Whether you are staffing yourself, or need a 3rd party provider to securely and accurately verify photo ID authenticity, BlueCheck can help. We offer both manual photo review, and automatic photo ID recognition.

Direct API

Build a solution tailored
for your business using our
Direct API.

Robust and fully documented API's make it easy to get up and running ASAP. Support is also available directly via a private Slack channel for technical developers. Please contact us for access and documentation.

Supported Industries
Current use cases include
the following industries and verification solutions:

Although BlueCheck verification solutions can be used in other industries, we have hundreds of clients in the industries represented here.

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