>100m identity attributes verified since 2014.
Easier Identity Verification.
Happier Customers.
Stop asking your end-users for more personal info than necessary.
Since 2014, we've verified over 16 terabytes of identity data for 300+ enterprises representing >100 million data points.
Trusted by hundreds enterprises, including:
"BlueCheck is a game-changer for stores looking to responsibly sell age-restricted products. This app seamlessly integrates with your page, offering a user-friendly experience pre or at checkout for those needing extra layer of compliance protection."
Weston B.
Slang Worldwide
"BlueCheck is must for my business and they are there when I need them. It's very easy to install even for beginners. It's a great solution for my business since we have age restricted products on my website. It's very easy for my customers and love it because it's very easy process on their end as well. Highly recommended."
Ashvin M.
"Age Verification by BlueCheck does exactly what it says it will and is both easy to use and fairly priced. Seamless integration and a valuable app for stores looking for that extra layer of compliance."
Jon B.
Foria Wellness
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