Automate Photo ID Review Processes:

With the Merchant Dashboard, you can customize settings, lookup verifications, and manage your account from one central location.  Our simple to use dashboard allows multiple admin levels and gives enterprises the ability to export verification results.  Using BlueCheck, enterprises can update their entire verification stack with just a couple of clicks.

verification flows

Customize Verification Flows

Verification isn't a static process. Instead, use our flexible compliance tools to ensure it works for your business case.


Investigate Trouble Tickets

Give HR and CS the tools they need to troubleshoot compliance trouble tickets on the fly using BlueCheck.

manually submit tickets

Manually Submit Tickets

Handle edge cases with ease!  BlueCheck's dashboard allows admins the ability to submit one-off verification tickets.


What are the details around automated photo ID verification?

As machine learning tools become more robust and easier to implement, we've worked hard to infuse our photo ID verification product with as much automation as possible.  Doing so allows us to build incredibly granular checks into our product, such as looking for various micro-prints on IDs or automatically OCR-ing data from the front and back of ID cards.  


Additionally, we typically suggest that enterprises require a "selfie" of the user holding the ID card next to their face.  Although this may seem strange, doing so incredibly important to show possession of the ID card and quite different from a "liveliness" test.  Our automated photo ID verification reviews the faces in both photos and returns, scoring based on probabilities that it's the same person and that the ID is actually in possession of the correct ID holder.

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How is this product commonly used at other enterprises?

Typically, enterprises will use our automatic photo ID verification product alongside another requested compliance document. Usually, our offerings plug into the HR and CS team, especially if a repeatable process is required for end-user onboarding. As a result, we help expedite and improve those processes while helping to keep headcount and costs low.


For example, a staffing company may look to integrate BlueCheck as part of their new-hire onboarding. They currently have employees requesting and processing photo IDs of new hires and various other documents such as W-9s and previous employer references. With BlueCheck, collecting and verifying all required onboarding docs could be automated, run 24/7, and remove the administrative burden from the staffing company employees.

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Why use BlueCheck versus other generic ID Verification providers?

Our bread-n-butter is helping enterprises that require something a bit different from off-the-shelf solutions. Instead of conforming your workflows or end-user journeys to match the ID Verification provider, we aim for a frictionless and behind-the-scenes solution that doesn't require specific app downloads or the use of a pre-built front-end capture solution.


From our perspective, we are just hitting the 2nd wave of ID Verification in B2B landscapes. Currently, there are strong similarities between ID Verification types and processes. However, in the "real world," many ID checks are depending on the scenario you find yourself in. Therefore, we excel and work with companies who want to build context-correct ID Verification flows for their business needs, not companies who want to implement cheap and mass-market ID verification as quickly as possible.   

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Items and questions that we strongly recommend enterprises consider when building out Photo ID Verification flows for their end-users:

Since starting in 2014, we've learned a thing or two about ID Verification and what considerations you need before jumping into the deep end. Below are questions that we typically use as pre-screening questions for clients and items that should be carefully considered when selecting a vendor and finalizing a photo ID verification flow. Of course, it's not an end-all, be-all collection, but hopefully, it's a helpful starting point if you need a bit of clarification when getting started.

What's the budget?

Photo ID verification isn't cheap. Expect $0.30-$1.00 per verification depending on volume.

Is a photo necessary?

Will a database verification of name, address, and DOB suffice? What about cell phone verification?

What if sh*t breaks?

Does the FDA storm your door, is there a fine, or does it not matter? Who enforces the regulations?

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What is each end-user worth?

Do you have millions of users worth a dollar each or thousands of users worth $100 per month?

Is the process defined?

Is each verification standardized and ready to be flow-charted? Or is each verification request a bit different?

Total monthly verifications?

How many of these photo ID verifications are you expecting per month? Any growth or repeats?

drivers license-1

US Driver's License

We check for multiple security features on each ID document. BlueCheck requires manual review processes for tickets that score higher for the probability of editing or manipulation.

photo id

Selfie with ID card

Automatically compare faces between the user selfie and ID card.  Ensure that the end-user has possession of the ID card during the verification process with a high confidence level.

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Scale with Automation

Ramp up verification support as your end-user base demands.  BlueCheck handles all scaling automatically on our backend and supports hundreds of tickets per minute daily.

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International Support

While most automated photo ID verification occurs in the US, we do support international ID cards and passports.  Please give us a shout if there are specific language requirements.


Multiple document types supported

Every state has varying legislations and regulations. As a result, over 600 various document types are accepted.

  • National ID Cards

  • Driver's License

  • Passports

  • e-Passwords and e-ID Cards

  • International Trusted Identities


Domestic & International support

There are multiple supported ID types for all countries. Automatically compares against older versions of the same document.

  • All 50 US States Supported

  • Mexico and Canada Supported

  • US/Canadian Territories Supported

  • 175 Countries Supported

Industry leaning tech

Image Classification

Document recognition ensures that proper photos have been uploaded to complete the verification process and determine what type of ID someone uses to finish the transaction.

Facial Recognition and Matching

Facial matching technology confirms that the ID document has been submitted by its owner, providing a more secure verification as it ensures the rightful owner of the ID document.

Propietary Database

BlueCheck keeps a record of all previously verified customers to streamline future transactions. Hence, faster verifications help increase sales conversions.

Encryption & Security Standards

BlueCheck utilizes multi-layer data encryption to ensure data is securely transmitted and stored to safeguard the verification process.

Customizable Logic

Customizable Logic allows for the customization of verification settings based upon location, age, and other inputs.

Specially Tailored OCR

Solve administrative headaches with an OCR solution optimized for your specific documents and data needs. Improve workflows and internal processes.

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