Verify identity worldwide in less than 10 seconds.

175+ Countries. 600+ Document Types. Less than 10 seconds.

Lightning-Quick IDV

BlueCheck Identity Verification is lightning quick, with an average approval time of 10 seconds or less.

Data Validation

SMS Validation

Don’t just input a 4-digit code. BlueCheck verifies mobile phone record data directly against credit bureau and telecom data.

User PII Validation

Stop the surface screening process. BlueCheck digs through over 10 billion records across hundreds of databases to find relevant customer info.

Address Validation

More than auto-complete.
BlueCheck checks all listed addresses in a customer file and typically surfaces at least 3-6 prior locations.

Fuzzy Matching Algos

Because we all make typos.
BlueCheck intelligently parses incomplete data and searches based on postal complete data.

Existing User Verification

Has this user been verified before?BlueCheck cross-checks data against previous customer history and ensures that information is up-to-date.

ID Documents

Simple Photo ID Upload

Simple solutions convert better. BlueChecks requires photos, not head-tilts, finger counts, or other gimmicks.
A single image is all we need to verify.

Document ID Fraud Checks

>10% of your current uploads are fake. BlueCheck cuts out fake and fraudulent documents by utilizing manual reviews. Our automated processes scan 100's of data points.

Photoshop Detection

Face-swapping and ID edits detected. BlueCheck utilizes propietary document ID ML-models to catch edits and changes during the review stage.

True Worldwide Coverage

Scale fast, in any region or language. BlueCheck supports over 175 countries and well over 600 different documents, including multiple language types.

ML-Facial Comparsion

Deepfake fraud is real and growing. BlueCheck uses multiple tools to accurately judge facial accuracy while still verifying core data in under 10s.

Liveliness Check

User ID Possession Check

Does the user have possession of ID?
Likely the most common fraud attack vector, BlueCheck can determine user possession with a single photo upload.

ID Image Classification

Weighting, scoring, and assessment. BlueCheck returns pass/fail or the data as a score than can be modeled and wrapped into any existing IDV flow.

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Unknown to Verified.
In Under 10 Seconds.

Enterprises that require identity verification generally have a steep dropoff in user conversions during the data collection and verification process.  BlueCheck typically builds and integrates custom Identity Verification Flows to maximize user conversions that don’t come out of the box from other providers.

Over 600 ID Document Types Accepted.

BlueCheck supports over 175 countries and hundreds of document types in various languages.  Our image capture functionality allows easy user uploading in multiple modalities, including mobile SMS, email, desktop, and more.

Send Verification Links via Email or Mobile SMS.

Easily send out verification links that allow any customer to complete verification from their mobile phone or email.
Re-start specific IDV flows based on customer status change or product usage within the BlueCheck Merchant Dashboard.

Live Video Fraud Check for Flagged Users.

BlueCheck can automatically switch to a live video call for users who trigger certain fraud warnings. This allows a BlueCheck staff member to vet the person as if they were doing a face-time or zoom call.

Real Human Support, When You Need It.

BlueCheck has experienced, full-time staff on call 24/7 to support any troubleshooting, manual reviews or fraud checks. Additionally, we make our lead CS manager directly available to all merchants via email, phone, and online messaging.

Continual Re-Verification

BlueCheck allows merchants to set recurring or periodic re-verification flows. This eliminates customers from changing core data once approved.

Complex Business Logic

Verify more of your customers without needing to collect more user data.  Smart decisioning for when more info is needed.

Mobile Phone Records

Don't just confirm mobile phone via 4-digit SMS codes, but verify phone record directly against telecom data using BlueCheck's Mobile Verification.

Intense Security,
From Soup to Nuts.

BlueCheck Age Verification will automatically verify customer age by combing through available meta-data and finding the correct corresponding age match.  We are able to verify age without stopping user onboarding.

Fully Customizable
Via APIs and Webhooks.

BlueCheck has access to more data sources and propietary data than any other provider.  We have direct partnerships with international credit bureaus, governement agencies, and telecomm networks.

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