Biometric Policy
Biometric Policy

Effective Date: 05/11/2021


BlueCheck uses manual processes and/or automated biometrically-derived verification technology to verify your identity based on requests from BlueCheck’s merchant customers (“Subscribing Merchants”). For example, some Subscribing Merchants use BlueCheck’s services in order to verify your identity so that you may purchase products through the Subscribing Merchant’s website. In some instances, BlueCheck may use a manual identity verification process in which a BlueCheck employee reviews and verifies your customer’s age and identify through review of the photos you provide. In other instances, BlueCheck may use automated biometrically-derived verification technology to verify your customer’s identity by automatically analyzing the photos your customers provide using artificial intelligence (“automated biometrically-derived verification technology”).

Some of the information collected, used, captured, or otherwise obtained by BlueCheck’s automated biometrically-derived verification technology described above may constitute biometric information or biometric identifiers (“biometric data”) under various state privacy laws (e.g., Texas § 503.001, Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (“BIPA”), and Washington Chapter 19.375 RCW).

BlueCheck does not share or disclose any Biometric Data as part of its automated verification technology and process. BlueCheck may keep copies of the photos you provide. Additionally, BlueCheck may use the information you provide, including your photos, to train, validate, and test its automated biometrically-derived verification technology to improve BlueCheck’s services.

BlueCheck stores, transmits and protects from disclosure all biometric data using reasonable care, and in compliance with industry standards applicable to such data. BlueCheck will not disclose, re- disclose, or otherwise disseminate your biometric data without your express consent. BlueCheck will only provide or use your biometric data for the purposes described herein. BlueCheck will not sell, lease, trade or otherwise profit from your biometric data.

I have read this U.S. Biometric Data Policy and I understand and consent to the uses of my biometric information or biometric identifiers set forth above and in accordance with BlueCheck’s Privacy Policy.


For all questions relating to this policy or approval to use biometric data, please contact: