Millions of AgeChecks performed annually.
Verify Age...without losing your hard-won conversions.
Stop asking your end-users for more personal info than necessary.
Since 2014, we've verified over 16 terabytes of identity data for 300+ enterprises representing >100 million data points.
Trusted by hundreds enterprises, including:
98% Automated Approval Rate

Automatically verify 98% of all incoming orders and users with multiple PII matching options.

Test, Refine, and Deploy in Hours

Straightforward APIs for custom solutions or 1-click installation for e-commerce platforms.

Verify by Product, Location, or SKU.

Define which products, geographic locations, or end-users need age verification.

Compliance made easy.
Age Gate users without sacrificing  traffic or conversions.
Stop asking your end-users for more personal info than necessary.
Verify with different types of PII.

BlueCheck is able to verify age using end-user name & address combination, mobile phone numbers, email addresses, last 4 of SSN, and other international unique identifiers

10bn+ international records.

Access billions of records both in the US and internationally via a single API endpoint. Our access covers multiple different databases for each localality, only using authoritative sources.

Search historic end-user data.

Phone numbers change, people move addresses, and current end-user PII isn't always static. BlueCheck automatically checks historic info to ensure the highest age verification match rates.

Automatic fallback ID checks.

BlueCheck can verify a photo ID in 10 seconds or less, leading to a fully automated customer onboarding. Manual human review is available as well.

Regulated database access.

The data that we source isn't something that is typically available to average consumer, requiring complex data access and storage requirements.

All-in-one API endpoint.

Want to check age using multiple different types of checks? BlueCheck will allow automated data waterfalls between different verification types.

Verify age wherever your end-users are.
Age Verification Product Types
Simple. Straightforward. Accessible.
Verify age silently with end-user PII.
Age via Mobile Phone Number

Send phone number, get age returned. BlueCheck verifies mobile phone record data directly against credit bureau and telecom data.

Age via Name & Address

Input residential info, confirm occupants age. BlueCheck utilizes hundreds of databases to cover 160 countries for residential checks.

Age via National ID Numbers

Collect national ID number, verify status and age. BlueCheck can directly navigate various national ID types, such as SSN or CURP.

Age via Parental Control Flows

Text message based PCF to validate age. Easy as sending and replying to a text message, with device possession checks included.

E-commerce and point-of-sale age verification.
Website Entry or Account Creation

Age gate and control access. BlueCheck is able to be seamlessly integrated into any signup or user segmentation flow.

During Checkout or Post Checkout

Verify age without stopping checkout. BlueCheck runs 100% in the background, meaning there are no interruptions to your checkout.

Barcode Scanners or iPad Hardware

Physical checks with audit-ready records. BlueCheck is able to work across various hardware devices and scanners used for ID checks.

Manual or Batch Verification Processing

Verify a large batch of users at once. Only run verification on users that are manually selected or a portion of historic users.

Different integration methods for age verification.
No UI - API & Webhook Data Requests Only

Just data being passed back & forth. No need for UIs or front-end libraries, just BlueCheck data and we'll return results back.

Send a Verification SMS

Make it easy on your users. Text message-based verification uses a platform everyone has and is familiar with.

Ask to Verify In-App or Website UI

Use your existing front-end UIs. BlueCheck can sit behind any existing front-end UI to automatically collect the necessary user PII.

Send a Verification Email

Follow-up with an email. BlueCheck fully supports sending verification links via email or integrating into your existing email flows.

Search 5+ Previous
User Address Locations

Gather insights on previous user addresses to ensure a full match on your user, even if they have recently moved or relocated.

Worldwide Coverage with Regulated Database Access

Detailed coverage in most of the world across various verification types with fallback document ID support for those we can't cover.

8+ years supporting a variety of industries.
BlueCheck Age Verification has been used by tens of millions across hundreds of merchant websites and apps. We have extensive experience in multiple industries that have historically been hard to service.

E-Cig & Vape

Adult & Streaming

Tobacco & Edibles

Firearms & Ammo

Alcohol & Infused

Delta 8 & CBD

Retail / POS

C-Store & Kiosks

Stadiums & Arenas

Bar, Club & Nightlife

Health & Pharma

Sporting & Golf

Large Item Retail

API Integrations

Gaming & Fantasy

Live Video & UGC

Social Media Web & Apps

Restricted Member Content

Sports & Event Betting

Ticketing Platforms

Partner Integrations

E-Commerce Platforms

Payment Processing

Fraud Prevention

Shipping Logistics

Embedded Lending

User Marketplaces

Native Apps & Integrations.
1-click installations
Easily install BlueCheck Age Verification onto most major e-commerce platforms with a plugin or dedicated app.
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Deploy faster with pre-built UI verification flows.
Get up and running with a custom Age Verification UI interface using our pre-built verification flow APIs.