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Global Address Age Verification

Verify date of birth using name and address for residents of the United States and United Kingdom.

Direct APIs
Mobile Phone Age Verification

Verify age using only a US mobile phone number with BlueCheck along with confidence score of identity ownership.

Direct APIs
Photo ID Verification API

Verify photo ID documents including Driver's Licenses, Passports, and ID cards from all over the world.

Direct APIs
Mexico Age Verification (CURP)

Verify age for citizens of Mexico using only the national identifier, CURP. Instructions for API use are below.

Direct APIs
SSN Age Verification

Verify customers date of birth using the last four digits of a US social security number.

Direct APIs
Shopify App

1-click installation for a native Shopify app integration. Please refer to the Docs for additional product information.

E-Commerce Apps
WooCommerce Plugin

Direct download for WooCommerce plugin. Please refer to the docs link below for specific installation instructions and advice.

E-Commerce Apps
BigCommerce Plugin

Installation instructions for BigCommerce e-commerce stores to activate BlueCheck Age Verificaiton.

E-Commerce Apps
Magento 2.xx

Magento 2.xx installation instructions for BlueCheck Age Verification. Please follow the installation link below to get started.

E-Commerce Apps

Installation instructions for Volusion e-commerce stores to active and install BlueCheck Age Verification.

E-Commerce Apps
Shift 4 Shop

Installation directions for Shift 4 Shop e-commerce stores to activate BlueCheck Age Verification

E-Commerce Apps
Lightspeed Point-of-Sale

Age Verification plugin for Lightspeed Point-of-Sale retail system

Point-of-Sale Apps