ID Verification Explained:

Our verification process makes it easy and secure for your customers to verify while ensuring accurate results.


Customer information is collected and sent to BlueCheck.

General customer information such as name and address are collected behind the scenes during the onboarding process. This data is then encrypted and sent to BlueCheck to perform the verification.


BlueCheck searches multiple datasets to confirm information.

A combination of proprietary and commercially available databases are queried to verify the information. Using this combination of resources, BlueCheck is able to increases the likelihood of a successful verification being completed, streamlining the onboarding process.


If unable to verify, additional information is requested.

If unable to verify submitted information, customers are presented with alternative ways to verify such as: using the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number or uploading a Photo ID. Each method is optional to implement and completely secure.


The customer is verified.

Once a verification has been completed, the confirmed data and results are returned to you via API. Additionally, BlueCheck can return custom determinations based off the verified data such as whether the user is of a certain age, lives in a certain area, and much more.


Verify More Users Automatically.


BlueCheck's Identity verification can be completed with minimal to no effort from your users, providing them with a seamless and joyful experience.

Incredibly Fast

Automatic verifications are performed instantly. Users will not have to wait for their verification to process. Manual Photo ID reviews have a turn around time of less than 3 minutes.

Smart Database Navigation

Using smart database navigation BlueCheck can automatically verify the majority of customers. Queries are run through the most accurate databases commercially available to ensure that a match can be made.

Quick Implementation

Using our DirectAPI or CustomJS framework, BlueCheck Identity Verification can be deployed quickly saving your business time and money.

Customizable to Fit Any Business.

Each business has its own verification needs, our solution is built to be flexible and to serve those needs.

Set Location, and Age Requirements

Customize your verification requirements based upon the location and age of the individual user.

Set Who Gets Verified

Only want to verify high risk customers? BlueCheck offers ways to flag subsets of your user base for verification, so you only have to verify the users you want.

Set How Users Are Verified

BlueCheck offers a host of verification methods giving users choice and alternatives when it comes to identify themselves. Allow for name & address, last 4 of SSN, or Photo ID verification.

Set Custom Results

Receive custom results from BlueCheck that go beyond confirming identity. BlueCheck can return whether the user is a certain age, in a certain region, and much much more.


The Merchant Dashboard

With The Merchant Dashboard you can customize settings, lookup verifications, and manage your account from one central location.

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Customize the look and settings of verification to suit your business' needs.

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Search your records to get up to date verification status information, including how the customer was verified and when.

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Easily manage your account including: billing, installation, support and terms of service from one location.

merchant dashboard

Technologies powering our Identity Verification solution.

Proprietary Database

BlueCheck keeps a record of all previously verified customers to streamline future transactions.

Cascading Logic

Cascading Logic allows for the customization of verification settings based upon location, age, and other inputs.

Network Effect

The network effect lets merchants take advantage of verifications happening across the network. When a customer is verified on one site they are verified across the network.

Smart Search - Data Look Up

Proprietary data navigation improves the likelihood of a successful verification, and allows for the verification of users across multiple databases.

Encryption & Security Standards

BlueCheck utilizes multi-layer data encryption to ensure data is securely transmitted and stored, to protect against malicious actors and to safeguard the verification process.

Developer & API Documentation

Fully documented REST API available in addition to the verification plugin.

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