After speaking with enterprises ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands of employees, here are things we'd ask ourselves:

Most industry experts expect some screening and verification programs to stick around for the foreseeable future. However, with a new line-item in HR that costs between $60,000 - $600,000 per year depending on employee counts, it's essential to nail down the non-negotiable items and orchestrate them correctly.

Who owns this product/project?

Get the people who will be *actually* overseeing the project involved early.

What is the testing policy?

Do you allow testing? If so, which tests, how frequently, and how would you like results displayed to employees at workplaces?

How do we handle reporting?

Do you want reporting capabilities within your current HR platform? What sort of audit checks does your enterprise require?


Is there a policy for fake documents?

It's not if; it's what happens when. Most estimates place the frequency around 10%.

What about allowed exemptions?

Which of the various exemptions are allowed under the mandate or state regulations? Does your enterprise track this currently?

Other integrated systems?

Most commonly, this is a badging or Access Control system. Do these or other systems need to integrate before employees return?

Passport was developed for larger enterprises and federal contractors.


Utilize our front-end or integrate with your HCM platform via our API.

Actual Verification

Trained verification staff and machine learning models.

Test Result Management

Request, collect, and verify test results automatically.

Reporting and Audits

BlueCheck reviews data weekly with rigorous benchmarks.

Export .csv Files

Export employee data at will in standard .csv files.

Custom Workflows

Set custom employee workflows or reminders.

Data-driven Mentality

We support a multitude of devices, tests, and languages.

Hit compliance requirements without breaking the bank, angering employees, or bogging down HR. That's BlueCheck.

Simplify your compliance requirements by utilizing BlueCheck's standalone platform, Passport. (Formally Employee Verification Platform.) It's lightweight, easy to deploy, and most importantly, won't create more work than you already have. Simply put, it's a verification and compliance tool built by a company that only produces verification products. It has nothing you don't need and is rock solid on its core functionality. That's BlueCheck.

Less is more but done correctly.

This isn't high-design or building a new car. Instead, it's a compliance and reporting tool built to do one thing: hit compliance requirements related to COVID-19.

1 HR admin per 2,500 employees

Sort of a guess here, but our web-based platform should allow admins to manage huge swaths of employees and workplaces, no matter the testing requirements.


Filter to your heart's content.

There are many ways to view employee data related to COVID-19. In addition, admins can build custom views and request specific filters based on their enterprise needs.

It's not *just* software.

We're people, too, and we get it! Need help with a custom filter? Contact us, and we'll be happy to help modify or work with your team to get the right solution.


Automated Verification

Strong machine learning methods coupled with professionally trained reviewers make the core of our Vaccine Card Verification product.

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Test Result Management

Multiple different types of tests are supported through our verification platform. Furthermore, we ensure that each test taker has the completed test.


Tiered Compliance Levels

Do you need video proctoring of tests, or will an image showing possession work?  Is there specific state or geographic regulations we can help you comply with?


Custom Reporting

Export various views and slices into your HR system.  If you need custom reports, we're happy to work with you to automate this process in a timely fashion.

SCOTUS struck down OSHA ETS. So why do I need this?

First, state and local mandates are already in place,  in many parts of the country, so you still may be affected. 


While the fines from OSHA may have been high, BlueCheck believes that the real risk comes from B2B lawsuits over employee infections shutting down workplaces and lost revenue.


For example, if one of your employees uploads a fraudulent test result and spreads COVID-19 to a heavily populated area, the workplace may have to close for five days due to an outbreak. 


The example workplace may lose millions due to the closure. 


Your human resource department had previously reviewed the information in Workday, ADP, Oracle, Ceridian, etc.; However, upon further review, they realized it was a fake.


Now what? What's your corporate policy?


Do you terminate the human resources administrator who reviewed the information incorrectly? Do you inform your legal department that your employee was COVID-19 positive in the workplace? Do you put out a press release or offer to help pay the medical bills of those infected?


How does that affect your contracts and vendor relationships? What process do they have, and what happens if or when fake documents lead to loss of revenue or financial consequences?

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What's the difference between this and something my HCM provides?

First and foremost, we are a verification and compliance company. That's all. 


We only build, execute and operate verification compliance systems. BlueCheck's platform is not an add-on to an existing product or a second thought that we cobbled together. Instead, it's a strict, compliance-driven employee verification tool.


From a compliance side, perhaps the most significant difference is that BlueCheck verifies the information which meets various standards, bodies, and regulations. BlueCheck does comprehensive verifications on each document to minimize fraud and keep your enterprise compliance goals in check.


Furthermore, when enterprises have tens of thousands of employees, but only a fraction of them need weekly testing, a large number of weekly tests need to be verified, uploaded, and put into a single source for auditing objectives.


BlueCheck manages this process for enterprises. When human resources and your Legal department export the data for their audits or a potential lawsuit from an employee contagion, there is a high confidence level that the data meets the required regulations.

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An industry-leading verification and compliance platform.

Founded in 2014, scaled to hundreds of enterprise clients representing tens of millions of verifications, we've come a long way from our humble beginnings. Yet, through it all, we've stayed focused on building verification systems that help enterprises meet compliance requirements and goals.


Years later, it's still all we do. While we've added many automation and machine learning improvements, it's still the core focus of improving enterprise verification and compliance workflows that keep the lights on.


We don't need to be the biggest or the flashiest; we need to continue helping enterprises automate and improve their compliance goals.


That's BlueCheck.


 Narrowly focused on enterprise verification and compliance


 Game-tested and proved with more than 7 years of experience


 Scalable to hundreds of thousands of weekly test results

Frequently Asked Questions; OSHA ETS COVID-19 Mandate

Here are questions and details that come up frequently in our conversation with enterprises grappling with deploying a compliant COVID-19 solution.  

It's not an end-all, be-all FAQ but it's a pretty good start that hopefully gets you pointed in the right direction or get's the wheel turning at your enterprise.

What is OSHA ETS and how can I learn more?

We recommend starting with the official Federal Register publication and reading through the specific types of businesses that are effected.  There are certain exceptions to OSHA’s mandate that may impact your enterprise’s eligibility with required compliance. 

Who is BlueCheck and why this product?

BlueCheck has been helping companies in regulated industries since 2014.  Our speciality is identity verification in non-traditional industries with intense regulation.  Our verification products are flexible enough that we tailored a custom solution into a usable platform for large employers.

What is the *true* timeline to deploy?

It depends a bit on how fast your HR folks are able to collect and process employees who require these types of verification.  It all kicks off when a .csv is uploaded in our web-dashboard, which triggers out an invitation to verify their vaccine or testing status.

It could be as quick as a couple days if your enterprise already has internal comms ready to go to employees.

What integrations do you currently have in place?

At this point, zero.  While we have been in discussions with most major HCM providers, there is nothing set in stone for a deployment date.


However, if you have a willing and capable dev team, our solution is available via direct API connection. It is important to note that API integrations do not include any front-end for your employees.

What is OSHA ETS and how can I learn more?

Short answer: yes.  We operate behind the scenes for some of  highest trafficed websites on the planet, in various industries.  This translates into experience with millions of verifications for some of the most scrutinized websites in the world.


More nuanced answer:  We run our backend stack on AWS and have everything set-up in an auto-scaling fashion.  In even adversarial situations, we rarely see our service time degraded due to our scaling infrastructure and efforts of our dev team.

What about data, privacy, and security?

The documents uploaded through BlueCheck are highly sensitive and private, which is why we place a significant focus on data security.  We are happy to disclose any of our general security processes with you after an mNDA and furthermore, are happy going through any security procurement program.

Interested in a solution outlined above? Please contact us here and we'll be in touch.