Identify and flag underage users automatically

Verify 98.9% of all customer orders without blocking conversions.

Worldwide Coverage.

Detailed coverage in most of the world with fallback document ID support for the hard to reach areas.

98.9% Auto-Approval Rate.

Automatically verify that vast majority of your customers without needing any additional information beyond shipping.

Millisecond Match Times.

Our verification engine parses and processes the data in real-time during the checkout process.

BlueCheck serves clients on 4 continents, reaching over 50 million users

What makes BlueCheck Age Verification the industry-leading solution?

BlueCheck Age Verification supports 1-click installation on many major e-commerce platforms and allows custom development flows for those projects that require detailed control over data and front-end visuals.

Test & Install in Minutes on 15+ Platforms.

Easily install BlueCheck Age Verification onto most major e-commerce platform with a plugin or dedicated app.

Deploy Faster with Pre-Built Verification Flows.

Get up and running with a custom Age Verification interface using our pre-built verification flow APIs.

Change Verification Settings at any time.

Need to compile an audit report? Quickly export verification history with no-data caps or requests.

Send Verify Links via Personal Email or SMS.

Easily install BlueCheck Age Verification onto most major e-commerce platform with a plugin or dedicated app.

Automate Compliance Reporting Dashboards.

BlueCheck Age Verification goes deeper than a simple confirmation of name/address. Gather insights on previous addresses to ensure a full match on your user.

Set Verification Types with Product Tags.

Customize how verification happens on your platform using Product Tags. This allows different verification types to happen based on location, product type, and more.

Cover a Wide Variety of Use Cases and Industries

BlueCheck Age Verification is utilized by thousands of companies across dozens of industries. Some are high-risk, some are low-rise but needing age checks due to transaction price, account sign-ups, or other workflows. We’re always happy to explore a new integration or verification flow for a specific industry.

  • Verify Users Ages
  • Prevent Fraud
  • Ensure liveliness and realness of ID's
  • Streamline Age Restricted Purchases
  • Repeat Biometric Authorization
  • Legal Compliance
Partner & Channel Integrations
E-Commerce Platforms
Payment Processing
Retail / POS
C-Store & Kiosks
Stadiums & Areanas
Bar & Club
Health & Pharma
Sporting &
Large Item Retail
API & Custom Integrations
Gaming & Fantacy
Live Video
Sports Betting

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