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Age Verification is typically a standard four-step process:

Whether installed via plugin above or direct API, most age verification flows follow the four steps described below.

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Step #1 - Collection

BlueCheck automatically collects end-user data on your site and cleans it for validation. Our process runs behind the scenes and shouldn't impact users.


Step #2 - Automation

Once the data is ready, our various automation systems begin checking for fraudulent input, template-type matching, and ML-checks.


Step #3 - Processing

Here the end-user data is processed according to the rules of your website. For example, the product type or geographic restrictions will automatically follow all essential policies.


Step #4 - Result Returned

Lastly, all results return to your website, and your customer completes their purchase, signup, or journey, unaware of what's happening "behind the scenes". 

Can you share more technical detail about the actual process?

In a nutshell, our software loads when the rest of your site or front-end loads. Then, dependent on the type of integration, our software will automatically characterize the end-user inputs and run them through our age verification scoring system.  


Once we hit the data collected, we will attempt to verify it through multiple third-party database aggregators, including direct integration with one of the Big Three credit bureaus.  Match rates are usually well over 93%.


If, for some reason, we aren't able to automatically verify the end-user with the available data, then we "waterfall."  This is industry parlance for asking the end-user for further data until we can achieve a sufficiently high enough data match to return a plausible age for the end-user.


What sort of "checks" does BlueCheck provide?

This context-specific solution depends significantly on the product or service you're selling your customer.  Generally, this ranges from a name/address combination returning a suitable age ranging towards a full photo ID verification plus license or permit to complete a purchase.


As the client, you determine the correct type of "check" for their enterprise or business case.  BlueCheck supports and thoroughly recommends each business case requiring its type of verification level.  


While we have experience with many high-risk industries, some heavily regulated industries don't offer standard "checks."  However, we have a packaged solution that installs other sectors off the shelf and likely meets mandatory regulations or compliance goals. But, of course, it all depends on the enterprise.

what sort of checks

How long does this take from the end user's perspective?

Good question - lack of speed kills in conversions. Usually, if we can automatically verify with a database, our typical times are a couple of seconds or less. But, again, our match rates are well over 93%, so this is the usual scenario companies see with our Age Verification Platform.


For the customers or products that require a photo ID, our *rough* SLA is ninety seconds for all uploads. Thus, 80+% verify in thirty seconds or less, with outliers requiring a BlueCheck manager's review.


We keep our managers on duty 24/7 for the scenarios described above. While the vast majority of our verifications happen seamlessly, it's often the ones where discrepancies or issues arise that become the most vocal. Our goal is to resolve these in an empathetic and understanding manner as quickly as possible, often requiring a human touch and less automation.

how long does it take

Having built Age Verification systems for public companies to startups, we've tuned ourselves to always ask a couple of "fit-check" questions:

Let's be upfront about what types of products we provide: legally compliant age verification software for various industries.  We do not provide wishy-washy age products you may have encountered before or captcha-type user authentication.  We are happy to provide an "age-gate," which is typically installed at the website entrance for some clients.  Additionally, we are happy to verify via SMS or 2FA.  However, most of our systems are integrated by companies that have a legal and/or operational requirement to determine the age of their visitors or purchasers and do so seriously.

Where to verify?

Where should the end-user be verified, and how will it impact current user-flows?

Are you tracking conversion rates?

Will you be able to measure what the impact of Age Verification is on your process?

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Which types of verification?

Does your enterprise require a photo ID verification, or will a database check suffice?

What verification settings?

Does each product require a specific age threshold, or is it standardized?

We actively support multiple high-risk industries that need robust Age Verification.

Vapor & Tobacco

Recognizes thousands of previously verified users.

Adult & Personals

Recognizes thousands of previously verified users.

Firearms & Ammunition

Recognizes thousands of previously verified users.

Cannabis & Alternatives

Recognizes thousands of previously verified users.

Gaming & Sports Betting

Recognizes thousands of previously verified users.

Other Misc. Enterprises

Recognizes thousands of previously verified users.

What other features or benefits does BlueCheck provide compared to other age verification providers or age-related solutions?

Having built the first version in 2014 and scaled it up towards millions of verifications in the years since, we've made many add-ons and improvements.  Below are six features or improvements that we think make the most impact on our clients and end-users.  

Massive Network Effects

Automatically accept previously verified end-users from hundreds of other sites using BlueCheck Age Verification.

Waterfall Verifications

Start with the least intrusive verification methods and only ask for more data when necessary.

Incredible Match Rates

Combining the two above features, we routinely match at a 5%-10% higher rate with less data than other platforms.

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Flexible Integrations

Install a single click using our pre-built plugins for e-commerce or configure multi-stage auth flows using our API.

(W)holistic Identity

At BlueCheck, we approach identity a bit differently. Namely, we focus on a scoring system around user attributes.

If/Then Age Settings

Set detailed if/then age requirements around certain products or pages. Combine with another filter to enhance.


Our network is growing every minute, becoming more robust and more efficient.

Data is collected across multiple industries, refined, and instantly updated across the entire network to ensure the most relevant information is being used. In addition, the network utilizes millions of data points to validate that information is accurate.


All data is stored securely to maintain consumer privacy and used for the sole purpose of identity authentication.


Tens of millions of previously verified end-users


Hundreds of enterprises live on BlueCheck's platform


 Rapidly growing data collection as network size increases

Interested in a solution outlined above? Please contact us here and we'll be in touch.