How Age Verification Works

Our verification process is optimized for maximum conversions with minimal customer interaction. Customers who can not be verified via a database search have the option to submit their Photo ID, ensuring that you can verify every potential customer.


Customer Information Submitted

BlueCheck integrates with checkout forms or account registration flows to gather the information needed to verify your custmomer's age. This makes it easier and faster for your customers to checkout or create their accounts, while providing a better customer experience and promoting customer loyalty. Connection via API is also available.


Automatic Verification

Customer data is compared against billions of proprietary and commercial database records. This process is instantaneous, low-profile, and capable of verifying the large majority of your client base. If no match is found, customers are prompted to complete another method of verification.


Other Verification Methods

If unable to verify using submitted information customers are presented with alternative ways to verify their age depending on the merchant’s business needs. Some alternatives include using the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number or uploading a Photo ID.


Customer is Verified

Once verified, the customer’s confirmed age is checked against the age requirements specified by the site. Returning customers are automatically recognized as verified on return and will not need to verify again. This means future visits to your store are frictionless and provide a superb customer experience!

Compatible with most eCommerce Platforms.

No sign-up fee or integration costs. Simple plug and play applications available for most major e-commerce platforms. Installation instructions included, and our Account Management staff are available to help get you set up.


Conversion Oriented

Designed to operate in the background without any user input, our automated age verification solution accurately confirms the age of your customers without hurting your conversions. Furthermore, BlueCheck ensures you're able to verify every potential customer by allowing customers unable to verify via databases to verify using other methods of verification such as Photo ID review.

Conversion Oriented
High Matching Rates

On average BlueCheck is able to automatically verify 5-10% more first time customers than other age verification providers.

Fast Turn Around

Generally 90% or more of customers are instantly verified through BlueCheck, and our average review time for photo IDs is less than 3 minutes.

Proprietary Database

BlueCheck maintains a proprietary database of millions of verified records. Meaning we can verify customers that others can't.

A Network of Merchants

With BlueCheck, when a customer is verified at one business, they are instantly pre-verified across the network making age verification easier for everyone involved.

Fully Customizable

Every business is different, BlueCheck Age Verification comes with the ability to customize your verification settings to meet your exact business needs.


Set Location

Customize your verification requirements based upon the country, state, or region. Merchants also have the ability to block sales to certain regions.

Set Minimum Age

Meet any and all state or federal age regulations for your industry, whether it's 21, 19, 18, or 120, BlueCheck has you covered.

Set Verification Methods

Decide what type of age verification you would like to perform for any given location or age. Allow for name & address, last 4 of SSN, or Photo ID verification.

Set Product Parameters

Set product specific verification requirements, or allow some product purchases to bypass verification completely.

The Merchant Dashboard

With The Merchant Dashboard you can customize settings, lookup verifications, and manage your account from one central location.

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Customize the look and settings of the verification widget to suit your business' compliance requirements.

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Search all of your records to get up to date status' on verifications, including how the customer was verified and when.

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Easily manage your account including: billing, installation, support and terms of service from one location.

merchant dashboard

Technologies powering our Age Verification solution.

Proprietary Database

BlueCheck keeps a record of all previously verified customers to streamline future transactions.

Cascading Logic

Cascading Logic allows for the customization of verification settings based upon location, age, and other inputs.

Network Effect

The network effect lets merchants take advantage of verifications happening across the network. When a customer is verified on one site they are verified across the network.

Smart Search - Data Look Up

Proprietary data navigation improves the likelihood of a successful verification, and allows for the verification of users across multiple databases.

Encryption & Security Standards

BlueCheck utilizes multi-layer data encryption to ensure data is securely transmitted and stored, to protect against malicious actors and to safeguard the verification process.

Developer & API Documentation

Fully documented REST API available in addition to the verification plugin.

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