The new standard in Age & Identity Verification.

BlueCheck builds the most powerful and flexible tools for e-commerce, financial institutions, and more to help with AML and KYC.


Verify in Seconds

Instantly verify customers in the background. No separate process or information is required to initiate verification. Most customers won’t even realize verification took place.


Customizable Settings

Choose how you would like to perform verifications domestically and abroad. Set minimum requirements and decide which customer need to be verified. Offer customers multiple ways to verify. Settings can be configured based upon age and location.


Manual Verifications

BlueCheck offers the ability to manually verify customers. If we are unable to find a match for the customer in any database, the customer can still be verified by sending us a photo of their government ID.

Your customers will love the power and reach of the BlueCheck network effect.

Each customer only needs to verify once with BlueCheck. They can then take their verified account, and use it on any site that is currently using BlueCheck. Some of your customers may already be BlueCheck verified.


Batch verify historic customers.


Seamless onboarding for previously verified BlueCheck customers.


E-commerce customers do not have to verify every purchase.

Our verification solutions are economical with fast implementation.

No sign-up fee or integration costs. Pre-made plug-ins available for most major e-commerce platforms. No developer necessary to install, and merchant support staff are available to help you get set up.


Developer resources available

Integrate BlueCheck in your application or product with our Full API.


Our merchant dashboardboard gives you full control over your verification settings.

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Set custom verification parameters to suit your business' compliance requirements.

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View a complete record of all verifications including how the customer was verified and when.

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View real time metrics to drive customer acquisition and improve your checkout conversions.

merchant dashboard

Technologies powering our Age & Identity Verification solutions.

Propietary Database

BlueCheck keeps a record of all previously verified customers to streamline future transactions.

Facial Recognition AI

State of the art facial recognition software that automates ID processing and validation, as well as identity verification.

Smart Search - Data Look Up

Proprietary data navigation technology improves the likelihood of a successful verification, and allows us to verify the customer across multiple databases.

Encryption & Security Standards

BlueCheck utilizes multiple layers of data encryption to ensure data is safely transmitted and stored to protect against malicious actors and safeguard the verification process.

Developer & API Documentation

Fully documented REST API available in addition to the verification plugin.