Customizable Settings

Choose how you would like to perform verifications domestically and abroad. Set minimum age requirements and decide which customers need to be verified. Offer customers multiple ways to verify - Photo ID, Name and Address, and many more. Settings can be configured based upon age and location.

  • Ensure federal (FDA) level compliance
  • Stay up to date on state and country regulations
  • Ability to customize the minimum age by region
  • Review and process pending verifications
  • Cascading verification system ensures highest possible match rate.
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BlueCheck offers a simple and seamless verification process for your customer.


90% + of age and identity verifications are instantly processed in the background


24/7 verification support from highly trained BlueCheck staff


Process photo ID verifications in less than 5 minutes

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Manual Verifications

BlueCheck offers the ability to manually verify customers. If we are unable to find a match for the customer in any database, the customer can still be verified by sending us a photo of their government ID. This allows for more conversions compared to competing verification services.

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The Network Effect

When a customer is verified on one site using BlueCheck, they are verified on all sites using BlueCheck. With hundreds of stores and millions of verified customers this means better sales conversions and happier customers for stores using BlueCheck.

The Network Effect
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Easy to Set Up

No sign-up fee or integration costs. Plugins are available for most major e-commerce platforms. No developer necessary to install and merchant support staff are available to help you get set up.

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Easy to access audit reporting gives you a real-time look at your verifications

View a record of each verification in your merchant dashboard. Know who was verified when and what information they used to verify themselves. BlueCheck also keeps a comprehensive audit database of your historical verifications.

Your customers’ private information is kept secure

Secured Servers

We use state of art security measures to ensure that any data we store is protected and to safeguard the integrity of the verification process.

Photos Removed After Verification

After completing a Photo ID verification, any photos used to perform the verification are removed from online storage and are housed in a secure physical location for audit purposes.

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Highly Trained Staff

Our staff is highly trained at handling and authenticating official documents and forms of identification.

No Sensitive Customer Data Stored

Any sensitive customer data used during a verification, such as the last four digits of SSN, is not stored at all in BlueCheck servers. We use this information solely for verification purposes.

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