Shopify One Page Checkout Updates
Here’s how BlueCheck is not just adjusting but thriving amidst these changes, focusing on enhanced features and seamless integration.
October 30, 2023
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BlueCheck: Stepping Up to the New Shopify One-Page Checkout Update

With the announcement from Shopify mandating a shift to a One-Page Checkout starting October 2nd, BlueCheck is ahead of the game, ensuring that your store's age verification processes remain as seamless and efficient as ever. Here’s how BlueCheck is not just adjusting but thriving amidst these changes, focusing on enhanced features and seamless integration.

Responding to Shopify's One-Page Checkout

While Shopify's new checkout design promises to provide a more streamlined and faster checkout experience for buyers, it brings forth the necessity for integrated systems like BlueCheck to ensure their services operate seamlessly within this new framework. BlueCheck is dedicated to ensuring no major impacts on your store’s operation, with a keen focus on maintaining and enhancing the age verification process within this new one-page checkout environment.

Enhanced Verification Links

To tackle the issues presented by the new checkout format, BlueCheck will automatically send Verification Links to the 3%-5% of users who don’t verify automatically. These links will be sent directly to the end-users via Email and eventually via SMS. Like with existing products, once users complete the verification, they will be automatically remembered by BlueCheck, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted shopping experience.

Automated Email Notifications

BlueCheck continues to send out automated email notifications for users needing to complete verification, maintaining consistent communication and ensuring timely verification. These emails, sent one minute after order completion by default, with periodic follow-ups over the next 36 hours, can be customized for content and timing, offering flexibility and control to the merchants.

Enhanced Order & Risk Flag Updates

In response to Shopify’s update, BlueCheck has enhanced its tagging via Shopify Orders, ensuring the tags and flags remain accurate and functional in the new setup. The tags and risk flags have been updated to provide clear and concise information:

  • Order Tags
  • Age Verified: Order has been age verified
  • Age Not Verified: Order has not been age verified
  • Verification Failed: Verification attached to the order has been completed but was not successful
  • Risk Flags
  • High Risk: Attached to Age Not Verified or Verification Failed tags
  • Low Risk: Attached to Age Verified tag

These enhanced tagging and risk flag features ensure merchants can easily identify the verification status of each order, enabling efficient and informed decision-making.

Next Steps

Amid these changes, BlueCheck is committed to continuous improvement and adaptation, ensuring your store’s age verification processes remain uninterrupted and more efficient than ever.

  • Future implementations include sending Verification Links via SMS for a more immediate response.
  • Continuous enhancement of the tagging and flagging system for seamless operation within Shopify’s new checkout design.
  • Maintaining an open channel for support and inquiries to assist merchants in navigating these changes.

In Conclusion

BlueCheck remains steadfast in ensuring your age verification processes are not just maintained but enhanced amidst the changes brought about by Shopify’s new one-page checkout system. With a focus on innovative features, seamless integration, and proactive communication, BlueCheck is dedicated to providing a smooth, secure, and efficient age verification system for your store, ensuring compliance, customer satisfaction, and uninterrupted operation in the evolving ecommerce landscape.

As always, the team at BlueCheck is here to support you. Should you experience any issues or have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out. Your seamless operation is BlueCheck’s priority.

Thank you for being a valued BlueCheck customer.

-- Team BlueCheck