Age Verification
Age Verification in the Adult Industry
Ensure compliance and security with BlueCheck's customizable age verification solutions for adult content and products.
June 18, 2024
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Age verification has become an essential part of the adult industry as new regulations on content access for minors are introduced. BlueCheck offers several age verification methods using different user data, allowing you to customize your verification flow to best suit your needs. Learn about the different types of verification offered by BlueCheck, their pros and cons, and the specific use cases for each method.

Name and Address Verification

One type of lookup that BlueCheck offers is age verification using the customer's name and address. This verification type is instantaneous and requires only the customer's full name and address information. BlueCheck offers address-based age verification in the US and the UK.

Use Case: This method is ideal for online stores that already collect billing or shipping addresses during the checkout process. By tying the age verification to the billing address, retailers can ensure that the purchase is legitimate and reduce the risk of fraud. For example, an e-commerce site selling New York supplements can use this method to quickly verify the age of their customers without additional steps.


  • Instantaneous verification
  • Minimal customer data required


  • Potential for fraud if another person's address is used
  • Best used when address is tied to other transaction data

Phone Number Verification

Phone number verification is a popular type of verification in the adult space. It requires only a phone number from the end user. The verification process involves two steps: first, BlueCheck sends an SMS code to confirm possession of the device. After the device ownership is confirmed, BlueCheck looks up the phone number across its network of data providers to confirm the age associated with the phone number.

Use Case: This method works well for websites with high mobile traffic and where quick verification is essential. For instance, an adult content site can integrate phone number verification into the signup process, allowing users to verify their age without leaving the site. This method is also effective for reducing bot traffic and ensuring that users are genuinely engaged.


  • Quick and secure verification
  • Reduces risk of using another person's phone number


  • Currently available only in the US

SSN Verification

SSN-based verification is one of the most secure methods. It requires the customer to submit their name, date of birth, and the last four digits of their social security number. This method is highly secure as it requires sensitive information.

Use Case: Ideal for high-value transactions or services requiring a higher level of security. For example, a website selling high-end New York creatine supplements might use SSN verification to ensure that only qualified adults can make purchases. This method can be paired with other verification types to increase overall security.


  • Highly secure
  • Effective for high-value transactions


  • Requires sensitive information, which may deter some users
  • Only applicable to users with SSNs (mostly US users)

Photo ID Verification

Photo ID verification is a comprehensive method for confirming age. It requires users to upload a photo of their ID document and a photo of themselves holding the ID document. BlueCheck reviews these files, confirms the age, and returns the data.

Use Case: Suitable as a fallback option when other verification methods fail. An adult website can use Photo ID verification to ensure that all users, regardless of their location, can verify their age. This method is particularly useful for international users who might not have access to other verification methods.


  • Applicable worldwide
  • High verification success rate


  • Slowest method due to manual review
  • Requires significant user interaction

Benefits of Using BlueCheck for Age Verification

Using BlueCheck’s comprehensive age verification solutions offers several benefits:

  1. Compliance Assurance: Ensure compliance with age verification regulations using various methods, including photo ID verification, phone number verification, and SSN verification.
  2. Customization: Tailor your verification flow to match your branding and user experience, ensuring minimal disruption to your signup process.
  3. Security: Protect your business and customers with secure methods like SSN and phone number verification.
  4. Global Reach: Verify users worldwide with photo ID verification, ensuring almost all users can be verified.

Example Integration Workflow

Step 1: User Arrives on Site

  • Offer SFW tours or 30-second clips.
  • Advertise that creating an account is free and only requires a phone number.

Step 2: User Creates Account

  • User enters their phone number.
  • Receives a 5-digit code via SMS.
  • Gains access to all site content after entering the code.
  • Age verification happens in the background using the phone number.

Step 3: User Views Content

  • Track content views, duration, etc.
  • Verified traffic can be used for analytics and recommendation platforms.
  • Charge higher rates for advertising on verified traffic.

Step 4: User Returns

  • Use the phone number for quick login.
  • Send a 5-digit code to the verified phone number.
  • User gains access to full site content.

By implementing BlueCheck, you can reduce bot/fraud traffic, segment recommendations by age bands, and showcase your age verification to advertisers and affiliates. This can lead to lower fraud/payment processing rates and reduced insurance premiums.

Integrate BlueCheck’s age verification solution today and ensure your adult content or product sales comply with the latest regulations.