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  • Solve Expensive Fraud Problems

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  • Improve Conversion Rates

BlueCheck serves clients on 4 continents, reaching over 50 million users

Explore by Verification Product

One-click or customized verification waterfalls so you verify customers exactly how you need them. BlueCheck ensures good customers and borrowers get to the next stage of the process without friction.

Age Verification

Quickly deploy Age Verification to your e-commerce or retail store using our plugins for all major platforms.

  • 12 Platforms Enrolled

  • Verify In Checkout

  • Send Verification Links

  • 98% Automation Rate

ID Verification

Spin up customer verification solutions in hours using our pre-built verification tools or customize with APIs.

Photo ID Verification
  • AI/ML Automation

  • Under 10 Seconds

  • 170+ Countries

  • Phone or Mobile

KYC+ Verification

Go above and beyond simple identity proofing with multi-faceted insights into every user search.

Enhanced Identity
  • Name + Address Check

  • SSN + Utilities

  • Mobile Phone & Aliases

  • Email & Social Profiles

Marketing + Verification

Know more about your customers without asking for more information. Stop fraud before it happens.

User Demographics
  • Income Bands

  • Education Background

  • Buyer Type Forecast

  • Look-alike Grouping

Fraud Prevention
  • Automated Scoring

  • Cascading Verifications

  • Segment by Product

  • Member Access Gating

Developer friendly. Frictionless onboarding.

If you want control over your front end or are looking to utilize multiple verification types, you’ll likely want to jump right into our APIs.

If you want an out of the box solution we have pre-built one click install apps on all the major platforms.

Communicate with an Expert not a Salesperson

No phone call or meeting is required