Automated Photo ID Verification

Streamline the verification process with automated Photo ID verification.

BlueCheck uses a proprietary suite of facial recognition, OCR, and ID authentication to automatically verify customers using a photo ID and a photo of the customer. Our algorithms are able to validate the ID, read the customer’s information off the ID, and confirm uploaded photo of the customer matches the photo on the ID.

Multiple Data Sources

Most customers verified by BlueCheck are verified by validating customer submitted personal info against a combination of proprietary and commercial databases. Some customers, however, have little data that is commercially available and so they cannot be verified using traditional methods.

In order to increase verification coverage, BlueCheck developed a suite of algorithms to automatically verify these customer. By uploading a photo of a government issued ID and a photo of themselves holding the ID - to prove ownership - these hard to verify customers, can now be quickly and accurately verified using BlueCheck.

ID Validation

ID validation and OCR are key steps to the Photo ID Verification process, but they can also function as a standalone products. Ensure that the documents you are processing are legitimate while also creating a database record of the ID and the information it contains. Perfect for supplementing background checks and streamlining onboarding processes where a photo ID is required.

Facial Recognition

The facial matching algorithms in the Photo ID Verification solution can also be used as their own stand alone facial recognition solution. Companies looking to include facial recognition as a part of their physical or internal security protocols will be able to leverage the facial recognition algorithms in the Photo ID Verification solution.

Constant Improvement

BlueCheck’s image matching and recognition algorithms are based on machine learning so they are constantly improving in both speed and accuracy. Additionally, we are continuing to add new forms of photo ID from around the world to our process.

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