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Payments + Identity.
Only with BlueCheck.

We know many of our customers have a hard time finding affordable, reliable payment processing for their businesses. That's why we've made it our focus to find standout partners who are able to support our customers at a better prices than competitors.

Supported on these e-commerce platforms.


Built for high-risk e-commerce.

High risk e-commerce stores have a hard time finding payment processing.  The fraud risks are great, the rates are higher, and in general, many banks don't like to support high risk industries.  This is where BlueCheck can help, along with our network of payment providers who are well equipped to handle high risk e-commerce stores.


Built for maximum conversions.

Payment processing only works as long as orders keep coming in.  BlueCheck Age & Identity Verification is built to purposefully stay out of the way during the checkout process.  Instead of conversion killing popups and questions during checkout, BlueCheck is able to automatically verify customers without requesting info before the purchase is complete.


Built to save you money.

If you operate a high risk e-commerce store, you know that you likely need Age or ID Verification alongside your payment processing.  Perhaps a separate fraud prevention tool as well, along with a fulfillment or label provider.  Our solution here is simple - bundle your payment processing with one of our partners and you'll save on both Age & ID Verification alongside saving on payment processing.


Bundle Age & ID Verification + Payment Processing.               

Save money by bundling.

Bundle your infrastructure and save!

Why pay two separate vendor mark-ups instead of bundling with a single provider?

Placement for all businesses!

We have experience in high risk e-commerce and can place businesses that may struggle otherwise.


Accept all types of credit cards!

Our partners operate just like your existing payment processor with acceptance for all major cards.

Focused on conversions.

Conversions make your store successful.  We do our best to not block orders, in any industry.

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Solutions powering our Age & Identity
Verification solutions.

Group 2

Proprietary Database

Millions of pre-verified users improve conversions during checkout.

Group 3

Custom-built ML Models

ML models trained with our experience in ID Verification improve automation. 

Group 4

Smart Data Lookup

Proprietary database search technology to improve the likelihood of a successful verification.

Group 2

Encryption & Security Standards

BlueCheck utilizes multiple layers of data encryption to ensure data is safely transmitted and stored to protect against malicious cyber trolls.

Group 3

Developer & API Documentation

Fully-documented REST API available in addition to the verification plugin.

Group 4

Customized Rulesets

Customers have the ability to customize rules based on their industry and fraud prevention techniques.

BlueCheck token prevents unauthorized access to your customers' information

Each verification that occurs is a two-step process, even though the user will only see one verification occur. When a verification happens, a token is assigned to that particular verification. Then at the end of the verification process, our service checks to make sure there is a token attached. Because of this, if a user bypasses the verification process — malevolent or otherwise — the system will not recognize the token and the user will fail verification.

A token is assigned to user for initial verification of their identity.

BlueCheck verifies the original token is authentic.

The user is successfully verified with both tokens.


Our trained staff will be sure to help with all existing verification issues.

If so, please contact your account manager or email us directly:

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