OSHA ETS Mandate

COVID-19 Vaccine Card & Testing Results Platform

BlueCheck is proud to introduce a standalone product for Employee Verification, Vaccine Card verification, Weekly Testing management/verification, Admin Views + Auditing capabilities.

Verify Employee Vaccine Cards


Accept employee uploads of Vaccine Cards and review them in real-time using BlueCheck.  OSHA ETS mandates Vaccine Card verification using both employee information and verifying the contents on the Vaccine Card itself.  BlueCheck’s proprietary verification platform provides confidence that employees are in possession of fully completed vaccine cards.

BlueCheck Vaccine Card verification integrates seamlessly into our OSHA ETS Verification Platform.


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Upload Employee Test Results


OSHA and the CDC have specific that employee test results need to be NAAT-type or Antigen tests.  BlueCheck verification and review processes allow flexibility in how employees upload their test results and work directly with existing regulations to provide confidence in Test Result verifications.  Our manual review process supports the multitude of different ways employees may submit valid Test Results.

BlueCheck supports both digital and paper Test Result formats in our OSHA ETS Verification Platform.

Audit Reports and Employee Management

BlueCheck has performed tens of millions of verifications in highly regulated industries for hundreds of businesses.  We understand the need for enterprise-level audit reporting and paper trails.  Following the OSHA ETS mandate, BlueCheck’s platform allows copies of all results to be sent to employees and authorized viewers.  Additional admin-level reporting is also available.

BlueCheck’s OSHA ETS Verification Platform is built for enterprises with more than 1,000 employees. 


Roughly 200 slots remain for our ETS Verification Platform.
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As a provider of identity verification services for hundreds of businesses, we fully empathize with the need for factual verification coupled with communicative vendors. As a result, we’ve raced to customize our verification solutions in these trying times to help our clients meet the new OSHA ETS Regulations enacted in Nov. 2021.


Automatic Database Verification & Comparison

BlueCheck partners with one of the leading credit bureaus in the US; consequently, the data our clients have access to far outstrips aggregator sources while providing lower prices.


Human Review of all Vaccine Cards & Test Results

BlueCheck has an industry-leading photo ID verification solution used by millions. Additional verification types for Vaccine Cards and COVID-19 Test Results are also supported.


Full Audit Trail & Employee Admin Views

BlueCheck OSHA ETS Verification Platform supports notice to employees of all verification results.  We also support multi-level admin views for various Test Result types and Vaccine Card status.

Flexible human review process for Photo IDs, Vaccine Cards, and Test Results.


Support for photo ID verification in 170+ countries

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Available with front-end interface or directly with API


24/7 verification support from highly trained BlueCheck staff


Frequently Asked Questions; OSHA ETS COVID-19 Mandate

We recommend starting with the official Federal Register publication and reading through the specific types of businesses that are effected.  There are certain exceptions to OSHA’s mandate that may impact your enterprise’s eligibility with required compliance. 

BlueCheck has been helping companies in regulated industries since 2014.  Our speciality is identity verification in non-traditional industries with intense regulation.  Our verification products are flexible enough that we tailored a custom solution into a usable platform for large employers.

We are looking to have roughly 200 enterprise slots launched by Jan 1, 2022.  This is in-time for the vaccine card verification requirement however there may be availability sooner if your enterprise needs test reporting capabilities.

At this point, zero.  While we will work to support major HR sytems, it is further down the road map. However, if you have a willing and capable dev team, our solution is available via direct API connection.  However, it is important to note that this does not include any front-end for your employees.

Short answer: yes.  We operate behind the scenes for some of  highest trafficed websites on the planet, in various industries.  This translates into experience with millions of verifications for some of the most scrutinized websites in the world.

The documents uploaded through BlueCheck are highly sensitive and private, which is why we place a significant focus on data security.  We are happy to disclose any of our general security processes with you after an mNDA and furthermore, are happy going through any security procurement program.

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