Identity for Pharma Online

Make sure you sell to the right customers.

Selling products in a restricted industry such as pharma requires diligence and adherence to ID Verification laws. BlueCheck helps companies ensure they verify and vet purchase orders during the customer journey.

Behind the scenes identity verification


Identity Verification that runs behind the scenes of your e-commerce pharma site is critical to conversions.  BlueCheck has years of experience helping brands tailor their IDV solution to be as frictionless as possible while still meeting regulatory compliance goals.  

Age and Identity Verification doesn't need to block sales or impact conversions.  

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Set custom rules for products and locations


BlueCheck has years of experience dealing with e-commerce businesses that sell products in regulated industries.  This has led to a highly customizable product that allows for product tagging, location setting, frequency and cadence checks, and more.  All without impacting conversions.

We understand each product, location, and regulatory environment are different.

Data driven ID verification


BlueCheck has performed tens of millions of verifications in regulated industries for e-commerce businesses.  We understand conversion metrics, what levers need to be tweaked to achieve compliance goals, and how fraud impacts bottom line decisions.

We make it easy to incorporate identity verification into your checkout flow without interrupting the customer.

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Age & Identity Verification built for online pharma businesses.

We understand the businesses selling pharam-adjacent products have unique requirements.  After millions of verifications in regulated industries, we've developed age and identity products that help companies meet compliance goals without comprising conversions at checkout.


Direct access to billions of consumer records

BlueCheck is directly partnered with one of the main credit bureaus in the US.  Because of this, the data our clients have access to far outstrips aggregator sources while providing lower end prices.


Integrated photo ID verification when necessary

BlueCheck has integrated photo ID verification into it's age and identity verification product suite.  Custom rules allow customization of certain products, order flows, shipping location.


Encryption standards + 3 years of audit trail

We understand the need for meticulous record keeping when it comes to identity verification.  Our encryption and security practices exceed industry standards without comprising usability or installation methods.

Photo ID Verification within seconds, for when you need it.


Support for photo ID verification in 170+ countries

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Available with front-end interface or directly with API


24/7 verification support from highly trained BlueCheck staff



Our trained staff will be sure to help with all existing verification issues.

If so, please contact your account manager or email us directly:

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