Automate Manual Compliance Tasks

With the Merchant Dashboard, you can customize settings, lookup verifications, and manage your account from one central location.  Our simple to use dashboard allows multiple admin levels and gives enterprises the ability to export verification results.  Using BlueCheck, enterprises can update their entire verification stack with just a couple of clicks.


Customize Verification Flows

Verification isn't a static process.  Use our flexible compliance tools to ensure it works for your business case.


Investigate Trouble Tickets

Give HR and CS the tools they need to troubleshoot compliance trouble tickets on the fly using BlueCheck.


Manually Submit Tickets

Handle edge-cases with ease!  Our dashboard allows admins the ability to submit one-off verification tickets.


Technologies powering our Age Verification solution.


Proprietary Database

BlueCheck keeps a record of all previously verified customers to streamline future transactions.


Cascading Logic

Cascading Logic allows for the customization of verification settings based upon location, age, and other inputs.


Network Effect

The network effect lets merchants take advantage of verifications happening across the network. When a customer is verified on one site they are verified across the network.


Smart Search - Data Look Up

Proprietary data navigation improves the likelihood of a successful verification, and allows for the verification of users across multiple databases.


Encryption & Security Standards

BlueCheck utilizes multi-layer data encryption to ensure data is securely transmitted and stored, to protect against malicious actors and to safeguard the verification process.


Developer & API Documentation

Fully documented REST API available in addition to the verification plugin.

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