Give your users peace of mind with BlueCheck's verification services.

Verify in Seconds

Prevent Underage Use

Reduce business risk and liability from underage users with age verification.  BlueCheck is able to quickly and seamlessly verify the age of new users without additional signup friction.


Screen Users Backgrounds

Ensure peace of mind for you users by checking criminal history and background information before allowing users to create an account.

Full Audit Reporting

Prevent Spam

Limit each user to a single account, and prevent people from registering using fake or stolen information.

Verifications are performed in the background during onboarding in order to maximize conversions.

With no extra clicks or fields, BlueCheck's instant verification won't clutter up your existing sign up flow.


Instant Verification Streamlines Your Sign Up Flow


Multiple Data Sources Containing Billions Of Records Used For Maximum Coverage


Batch Verify Your Existing Users In One Go