Age Verification

Instantly verify the age of your customers.

BlueCheck specializes in out of the box automated age verification solutions that are customer friendly, customizable, and most importantly secure. Built with sales and compliance in mind, our process is designed to increase conversions, while keeping your business safe.

Verify age and prevent underage purchases with BlueCheck's age verification.

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Protect Your Business

Ensure all your sales are legal before fulfilling the order. BlueCheck makes sure you avoid costly fines and litigation from underage sales.

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Customizable Settings

Set custom age requirements and prevent sales based on Country, State, and postal code, allowing you to stay compliant with all Federal and local regulations.

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Integrates With Your Ecommerce Platform

BlueCheck integrates directly with most major ecommerce platforms to tag your orders as verified, send you custom email alerts, and much more.

The most comprehensive age verification product for Ecommerce.

Verification Happens In Background

BlueCheck attempts its initial age verification using the information the customer entered in checkout. 95% of verifications happen instantly.

No Extra Steps

By performing verifications using checkout data, most of your customers won't have to go through any additional steps during checkout.

Multiple Verification Types Offered

If the information entered in checkout is not enough to verify a customer, they can verify using SSN or Photo ID to ensure they are able to place their order.

Verify Before or After Checkout

With bluecheck, you can choose to do the verification before the order is placed or after, depending on your preference.

Developer & API Documentation

API documentation is available for stores who would rather use our API instead of an off the shelf ecommerce integration.

Custom Solutions Available

If you would like a customized integration or specific features for your business needs, let us know.

Compatible with most eCommerce Platforms.

No sign-up fee or integration costs. Simple plug and play applications available for most major e-commerce platforms. Installation instructions included, and our Account Management staff are available to help get you set up.

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