Increase Your Sales by taking online alcohol delivery orders.

Verify in Seconds

Verify in Seconds

Automatically verify your customers instantly during the order process to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.


Streamline Delivery Process

No more relying on internal or third party delivery services to verify customers. No more failed deliveries because the customer was underage.

Full Audit Reporting

Full Audit Reporting

A record of each verification in stored in your Merchant dashboard so you can prove a verification was completed for each order.

A simple and seamless verification process for your customers.


90% + of age and identity verifications are instantly processed in the background


24/7 verification support from highly trained BlueCheck staff


Process photo ID verifications in less than 5 minutes


Your customers will love the power and reach of the BlueCheck network effect.

Customers that have used BlueCheck on another website are automatically approved. Many of your customers may already be BlueCheck verified!


Batch verify your existing customers.


Seamless onboarding for previously verified BlueCheck customers.


Once a customer is verified, future orders are automatically approved.

merchant dashboard

Easy to access audit reporting gives you a real-time look at your verifications

View a record of each verification in your merchant dashboard. Know who was verified when and what information they used to verify themselves. BlueCheck also keeps a comprehensive audit database of your historical verifications.

Security and Privacy Focused

Secured Servers

We use state of art security measures to ensure that any data we store is protected and to safeguard the integrity of the verification process.

Photos Removed After Verification

After completing a Photo ID verification, any photos used to perform the verification are removed from online storage and are housed in a secure physical location for audit purposes.

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Highly Trained Staff

Our staff is highly trained at handling and authenticating official documents and forms of identification.

No Sensitive Customer Data Stored

Any sensitive customer data used during a verification, such as the last four digits of SSN, is not stored at all in BlueCheck servers. We use this information solely for verification purposes.