Provide your customers with the capital they need with no balance sheet risk.

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How it works?
  • Embedded Credit for Software and Technology Providers with Large Install Bases of Quality Customers.
  • Build and embed credit products with BlueCheck's application, decisioning, and underwriting tools.  No balance sheet risk.
  • Fintechs, lenders, and vertical SaaS companies use Bluecheck to launch embedded credit products without balance sheet risk.
  • Offer a competing credit solution to Quickbooks, Stripe to your customers by integrating credit products into your core user experience flows and dashboard. No balance sheet risk.
  • Don’t Lose Your Customers
See it in Action

You control the placement of the offer

Fully white-labeled experience with integrated applicant communications, easy-to-implement, custom-branded application widget.

Seamless software with no learning curve

Detailed applicant data and insights combined with pre-vetted lenders in one dashboard with flexible integration and customization options.

Diversified lender

We work with diverse funding partners specializing in each industry to deliver higher approval rates and better credit options.

Through embedded credit programs managed through BlueCheck, you can improve retention, increase expansion, generate incremental revenue, and accelerate growth.

See how Bluecheck can help you embed credit products to connect your customers to the capital they need to grow - straight from your product experience.

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