BlueCheck Age Verification Overview

BlueCheck's Age Verification Platform is designed to ensure that only individuals of a certain age are able to access age-restricted content on websites or in-app purchases. This product utilizes a variety of methods to verify a person's age, such as birthdate verification, or scanning a government-issued ID. The product is customizable, allowing businesses to set the minimum age requirement for their content or purchases. It is secure, reliable, and easy to integrate into any existing platform. This product is an effective way to ensure that businesses are compliant with any laws or regulations regarding age restrictions.

Here is a sample of five use cases where BlueCheck can be helpful to compliance and marketing teams.

1. Verifying the age of customers when they purchase age-restricted items in a store

2. Verifying the age of applicants when they apply to a job that requires a minimum age of 18

3. Verifying the age of drivers before they are allowed to drive a company vehicle

4. Verifying the age of customers when they enter a casino or an event with age restrictions

5. Verifying the age of customers before allowing them to access age-restricted websites and applications


We have created a platform with the goal of protecting young users from accessing age-restricted content. We do this by verifying an individual's age by asking for some personal information, such as their date of birth and where they live. Our system has been designed to be fast and complete, so you can focus on what matters most: your business.

Age-restricted content and in-app purchases on websites and devices are protected by BlueCheck. Our platform guarantees your content will not be available to underage users. We use a variety of age verification methods including third-party validation, advanced artificial intelligence and human assisted verification.

BlueCheck has been a trusted provider of age verification solutions for website content and in-app purchases. We have provided thousands of websites with a safe and easy-to-adopt service that confirms if visitors are over the age of 18.

The US is the only Western country without a national age-verification system and there are nearly 3,000 children under 18 exposed to pornographic content on the internet every year. BlueCheck offers reliable, private and effective solutions for both end users and websites that are struggling with the child safety issue.