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Identity verification is critical for businesses in many industries. It helps to ensure that the person who s is claiming to be someone is actually who they say they are. This can be especially important in fields such as retail, e-commerce, banking, healthcare, and online security. Artificial intelligence is now being used to help with identity verification. By using AI, businesses can verify identities more quickly and accurately than before. This can help to improve revenue by reducing fraud and increasing customer satisfaction.

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Age Verification - Proof of Age Use Case

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How Identity Verification and Artificial Intelligence Improve Marketing Performance

Leveraging BlueCheck, marketing teams can confirm that customers are who they claim to be and the data associated with them is accurate. In addition to preventing fraud and other security risks associated with storing customer data, this helps marketers target the right customers with the right messages. In addition to protecting customer data, identity verification allows marketing teams to comply with privacy and data protection laws.‍

Combating Chargebacks and ‘Friendly’ Fraud

Combating Chargebacks and ‘Friendly’ Fraud

How eCommerce Retailers Use Identity Verification to Impact Fraud

How eCommerce Retailers Use Identity Verification to Impact Fraud

Photo ID Verification: Technology & Trends

Photo ID Verification: Technology & Trends

Age Verification: An In-Depth Look

Learn what is age verification, which industries are required by law to verify ages, and what technologies provide effective age verification mechanisms

Surviving & Stopping Fraud in 2020 -> A user's guide.

Attacks vary, from snail mail thefts to cyberscams. As attacks increase in frequency and sophistication, identity verification remains a prevention tactic.

High Risk Merchant? Learn to Reduce Risk & Manage Payments.

Understand how payment processors define high risk merchants, how to reduce your risk, and 9 points to consider when selecting your payment processor.

eCommerce Compliance: 5 Key Requirements and How to Comply

Learn about the 5 key compliance requirements most eCommerce businesses must know, and understand the PACT act regulating e-sales of nicotine products.

Identity Verification: Why You Need It and How to Choose

Learn about benefits of identity verification for businesses and technologies used for remote identity verification. How to choose a verification solution.

AML Compliance: Step by Step

Learn about Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations and discover 5 steps to developing an AML program for your organization.

3 Steps to KYC Compliance

Discover KYC regulations in the USA, Europe and Australia, and learn how to achieve KYC compliance and establish effective KYC processes.

What is Customer Verification?

Discover types of customer verification, and the main technologies used to digitally verify customer identity.

What is Age Verification Online?

Learn about physical vs. digital age verification, age restrictions in the USA and Europe, and discover 4 methods for online age verification.

ID Check Online: Benefits, Methods and 4 Future Trends

Learn how your organization can carry out secure ID checks online, methods for verifying identity over the Internet, and the future of ID verification.

What is Identity Authentication?

Learn about identity authentication technologies like password authentication, multi factor authentication and biometric authentication.

6 Types of Biometric Verification

Learn about the 6 main types of biometric verification, use cases of biometrics, and pros and cons of using biometric verification in your organization.

Age Verification System: Why, Where, and How

Learn why you need an age verification system, which businesses need to verify customer age, and 4 methods for reliably and remotely verifying age.

Drivers License Verification Online: Technology and Process

Understand why drivers license verification online is important, how automated drivers license verification works, and the tech it uses behind the scenes

Passport Verification Online: What You Should Know

Learn how passport verification online works, why it's critical for businesses facing know your customer (KYC) regulations, & how it helps prevent fraud.

Age Verification for Websites: Benefits, Challenges, and Solutions

Learn why age verification is critical for many types of websites, and how to implement an effective online age verification program.

Customer Due Diligence (CDD) in Banking Explained

Learn why banks need to perform customer due diligence.

KYC AML: Why They are Related and How They Work Together

Learn about Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) compliance requirements, and how KYC is a critical component.

ID Verification Services: What, Why and How

Learn why you need ID verification services, their key features, and how to implement ID verification in your organization.

Know Your Customer (KYC) Requirements: What You Should Know

Learn about the key components of a Know Your Customer (KYC) program, and legal requirements for KYC in the US, UK, EU, and Australia.

4 Critical Steps to OSHA ETS Vaccine Mandate

The OSHA ETS requires companies with 100 employees or more to institute a vaccine mandate or require employees to wear masks and undergo weekly tests.

Selfie ID Verification: The Promise of AI-Driven Face Verification

Learn about the growing need for selfie ID verification, how AI can help combat fraud in selfie-based photo ID, and the pros and cons of selfie ID.

AML Software: How to Eliminate AML Risk Through Automation

Learn how AML software works, key types of AML software including transaction monitoring and identity management, and discover top software solutions.

AML in Banking: 4 Key Components of Your Compliance Program

Understand the importance of Anti Money Laundering (AML), the AML compliance process, and how to build a full compliance program for your organization.

Customer Due Diligence: Why It’s Critical and Four Best Practices.

Learn about the importance of Customer Due Diligence (CDD) for AML/KYC compliance, and discover best practices that can make CDD implementation a success.

3 Steps of KYC Verification and Automating Your KYC Process

Learn about the critical steps of Know Your Customer (KYC) identity verification and technology that automate KYC processes to improve customer experience.

OSHA ETS: Emergency Temporary Standard for COVID Vaccination

The ETS applies to companies employing 100 or more workers, requiring employers to mandate vaccinations for all employees and implement safety policies.

Anti-Money Laundering For Real Estate Agents: What You Should Know

Discover the risks of Anti Money Laundering (AML) for estate agents, which laws can affect you, and how to achieve AML compliance and protect your business.

Background Verification: A Practical Guide

Learn why your business needs background verification, what a background check includes, the everyday challenges of background verification.

The KYC Process Today and Future Trends

Understand the Know Your Customer (KYC) process as organizations implement it today and discover future trends like digital identity verification and advanced analytics.

Anti Money Laundering Policy: 8 Steps to Create Your Company Policy

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations are complex. Organizations must establish a clear AML policy to guide day-to-day company activity.

What is the Bank Secrecy Act and How to Comply

Understand the history of the Bank Secrecy Act, its requirements, and how your organization can comply to avoid legal exposure and financial penalties.

Identity Theft Protection: 7 Ways to Protect Your Identity

Learn about free tools and commercial services that can help you protect against identity theft, which can have severe financial consequences.

5 Bank Secrecy Act Requirements Explained

The Bank Secrecy Act deters covert money laundering banking operations abroad by forcing financial institutions to maintain audit trails.

Identity Fraud vs Identity Theft

Understand the differences between identity fraud and identity theft and how to protect organizations and their customers against illicit activity.

Identity Fraud: How It Works and 4 Ways You Can Stop It.

Understand identity fraud problems. Tell-tale signs of a stolen identity, and four ways online businesses can prevent identity fraud with KYC regulations.

Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD): Benefits and Best Practices

Learn about Enhanced Due Diligence, how it helps banks prevent fraud, improve AML compliance, and critical steps to perform EDD for high-risk customers.

Legal Age for Gambling: What Is the Law in the US and Europe?

Learn about the laws that affect the legal age for gambling in the US and Europe and how gambling service providers should perform age verification.

Legal Age for Smoking: What Is the Law in the US and Europe?

Learn about the laws that affect the legal age for smoking in the US and Europe and how merchants should perform age verification for tobacco products.

Fireworks and Online Age Verification - The Real Truth

Learn the legal age to buy fireworks in the US, UK, and EU, and how to implement online age verification to avoid selling fireworks to minors.

What is the Legal Age to Vape and How to Avoid Compliance Fines.

Know the legal age to vape and learn how vape or e-cig retailers can use age verification for their e-commerce stores to avoid selling to underage clients.

The Online Safety Bill - The impacts on your e-commerce business

The Online Safety Bill and The Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA) impose new measures, controls, tools, and transparency to shield minors from harm online.

Explained: The UK's Online Safety Bill

The Online Safety Bill was established in May of 2021 to make the internet safer for British users by protecting children from harmful and illegal content.

Legal Age for Drinking: Ensuring Your Business is Compliant

Understand the legal age for drinking in the US, Europe, and worldwide, and how sellers of alcohol can comply with the law via age verification.

PACT Act: Penalties, Compliance Requirements, and the ENDS Amendment

Learn about the PACT Act of 2009, which regulates online and remote sales of cigarettes, tobacco products, and e-cigarettes.

Chargeback Fraud: Types, Challenges, and 4 Prevention Tips

Understand chargeback fraud, how it can affect your business, and tips for preventing the cost and damage of criminal or illegitimate chargebacks.

Identity Fraud Danger Is Real And Must Be Addressed Urgently

How digital ID management, age verification, and employee verification technologies can help any company address the growing identity fraud danger.

Twitter, Elon Musk and the Price of Bots vs. Humans

Suggested changes to Twitter to eliminate bots, authenticate humans, and reduce the number of crypto-scammers on the platform.

eCommerce Fraud: 8 Ways to Identify Fraud and How to Prevent It

Learn about the main types of eCommerce fraud, how to identify fraud affecting your business, and steps you can take to prevent fraud.

Online Safety Bill: What Website Owners Should Know

Learn about the UK Online Safety Bill and how it impacts the operations of social media networks and other websites used for interpersonal communication.

8 Types of Internet Fraud and What You Can Do About Them

Learn about the dangerous phenomenon of Internet fraud and steps you can take to prevent financial damage and identity theft.

4 Types of Credit Card Fraud and How to Prevent Them

Learn about the main types of credit card fraud and what you can do to protect yourself and your business.

Sample Ebook Post

Ebook Post

Keeping Up With Online Liquor Sales Boom: Can Digital ID Do It?

Online liquor sales are increasing, which raises concerns about minors having easy access to alcohol. Hopefully, a digital ID can help.

The New Gun Laws are here. What you need to know.

New gun laws are emerging, with significant political and social pressure to reform gun laws. Here's how it affects age and ID verification.

Sample Blog Post

Blog Post

Cannabis Age: What is the Minimum Age for Cannabis and Marijuana Use?

Learn about legal restrictions on the use of cannabis and marijuana worldwide and the minimum legal age where these substances are allowed.

Sample Webinar Post

Webinar post

eCommerce Age Verification: What Online Merchants Should Know

Learn about the legal requirements for eCommerce age verification and how to implement age verification to avoid legal risk, penalties, and fines.

What will the new gun laws accomplish?

To much fanfare, The Bipartisan Safer Communities Act was signed into law on June 25th 2022. Could any of the new gun laws help prevent the latest tragedy?

What Can Companies Do About The Danger Identity Fraud Poses?

How digital ID management, age verification, and employee verification technologies can help any company to address the growing identity fraud danger.b

Common Mistakes During The Process Of Online Game Onboarding

The most common mistakes online gaming firms make during online game onboarding and how to prevent them.

Age Restricted Products: Requirements for eCommerce

Are you selling age-restricted products online? Learn about legal requirements and how you can address them to avoid fines and penalties.

KYC Online Gaming: Why ID Verification Is A Win-Win

What's the future of KYC online gaming verification? It's about more than legal protection, and it's about enhancing the gaming experience.

Why CBD Age Verification Is Important For CBD Websites

CBD age verification is necessary for CBD websites that sell specific products., so it's essential to use the best identity verification, provider.

The Benefits Of Identity Verification Services To PMS Providers

Practice management software providers can leverage identity verification services to prevent fraud and streamline records management.

New York Gun Laws Become Stricter After Supreme Court Ruling

After the Supreme Court overturns existing New York gun legislation. New background and social media checks are now law.

Louisiana Age Verification Law Protects Minors

Louisiana parents can now seek civil remedies against websites harmful to children through the Louisiana Age Verification Law.

Everything You Need To Know About KYC Regulations

Know Your Customer or KYC regulations describe the process of verifying the identity of customers to prevent fraud and other crimes.

Automating Employee Photo ID Verification

Photo ID verification solutions can aid in hiring new employees and remote workers, confirming an employee's identity.

Prevent Identity Fraud By Modifying Account Recovery

With identity fraud on the rise, it's vital for individuals to understand their rights and to prevent identity fraud.

Subscription Businesses Need Age Verification too.

Online subscription businesses, especially those that sell age-restricted products and services, need to run age verification for website users.

Using Identity Verification To Combat Fake News

Identity verification can go a long way in combating misinformation and fake news. Verified users behave more responsibly.

Better Accessibility Through Digital Identity Banking

Digital identity banking allows people access to online services by proving their identity to online service providers using photo ID Verification.

The Number of Americans Who Report Identity Fraud is Expected To Rise.

Americans who report identity fraud lost nearly $24 billion in 2021, which will rise by the end of 2022.

How Important Is Identity Verification Healthcare?

Identity verification healthcare can significantly improve service quality. Patients can take control of their medical care when with secure access.

Why Is Catching Identity Fraud Becoming More Difficult?

There are several reasons why catching identity fraud is becoming increasingly difficult. For instance, fraudsters are harnessing AI to trick people.

The Main Benefits Of Flexible Identity Verification

A flexible identity verification solution lets you choose the appropriate verification method for each situation and issue.

How To: Age Verification Process Optimization

The best age verification software optimizes the age verification process to reduce risk while optimizing the user login experience.