drivers license 2.0-2

Drivers License OCR

Reads the data on US Driver's Licenses and returns it via API.  Batch processing is available with minimum requirements.

scanning id

Misc. Identity Card OCR

Scan and return data from hundreds of ID card formats commonly used worldwide. Batch processing is available.


Database Identity API

BlueCheck utilizes smart database navigation to connect with billions of end-points to find a comprehensive data match.

Compliance API 1

Compliance Workflow API

Automate repeatable compliance workflows with a custom API built by BlueCheck using existing products. 

API Age Verification-1 1

Age Verification API

Instantly verify end-user age with a single API endpoint—support for various ages, geographies, and integration types.

Scan id v2

Photo ID Verification API

Routinely process and verify photo IDs without concerns around human scaling or wait times for end-users.

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